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Library Advisory

The College appoints a Library Advisory Committee (LAC) which comprises of the Principal as the chairperson, Convener, Joint convener and representatives from all departments. The LAC plays an advisory and supporting role regarding the Library on matters of general policy, planning, programs, goals, and objectives to support the teaching, learning, and community‐building needs of the College.

 Objectives and Function of the Library Advisory Committee

  1. To advise the library on policy matters in relation to services, resources and facilities.

  2. To set guidelines for thefurther improvementand development of the library'

  3. To provide a platform to raise and discuss initiatives in the provision of library and information services

  4. To monitor the proper functioning of the library

  5. Advises the library regarding library services, especially innovation, for the college community

  6. Discuss and evaluate budgetary issues for books, journals, databases, e-resources etc.

  7. To support the library’s efforts in ensuring responsibility in the provision of library collections.

  8. To ensure the library is connected with and supports the College’s academic programs.

  9. To facilitate communication between the Library and the community it serves.

  • Members will serve a three year term

  • Meetings will be held two times a year and special meetings may be held as required.


Library Advisory Team

                                                            Principal/Chairperson                     Dr. (Mrs). E. Kharkongor

                                                            Vice- Principal/Convener               Shri. K. D. Roy

                                                            Librarian/Jt. Convener                    Smt. B. Lyngdoh




Shri. B. Syiem                        Vice Principal

Dr. S. Sarma                           IQAC, Representative

Smt. I. Kharkrang                  Vice-Principal H/S

Dr. H.Iangrai                           HOD, Education

Smt. D. Kharchandi              HOD, Botany

Smt. D. Shabong                  HOD, Zoology

Dr. D. Bhowmick                   HOD, English

Dr.J.P. Biswas                         HOD, Philosophy

Dr. A. Nongbri                        HOD, Khasi

Dr. S. Pandey                         HOD, Hindi

Shri. Kenneth Umdor           HOD, Chemistry

Smt. E.N. Dkhar                     HOD, Physics

Smt. V. R. Solomon               HOD, Political Science

Smt. V.C.S Dkhar                   HOD. History

Dr. S. K. Khyriemmujat         HOD, Sociology

Smt. A. Mitri                           HOD, Computer Science

Smt. L.D. Marak                     HOD, Garo

Dr. M.B. Lyngsher                  HOD, Environmental Science

Smt. W. Sohliya                     HOD, Business Administration

Shri .D. Shadap                      HOD, Mathematics

Shri. Zoliam                            HOD, Microbiology

Shri. D. Manik                         HOD, Statistics

Shri. L. Khongiang                 Asst. Professor

Shri. S. Lato                             Asst .Professor

Smt. I. Kharmawphlang        Asst. Professor

Shri. B. Dohling                      Asst. Professor

Shri. M.Niangti                        Asst. Librarian

Smt. I. Sun                               Asst. Professor

Smt. I.  Diengdoh,                  Asst. Professor

Smt. P. Kharkrang                  Asst. Professor

Smt. I. Kharmawphlang        Asst. Professor

Smt. R. Tham                          Asst. Professor

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