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Archived Events

Two Day Book Fair Fest to Commemorate World Book & Copyright Day, 2022     25th - 26th April, 2022

Three week Student's Induction programme on: Exploring NLIST Consortium     22nd November, to 13th December, 2021


National Webinar on: "Reinventing and Redefining Academic Library Spaces in IT Era: Challenges and Opportunities Ahead"    12th of August, 2021

Webinar on  : "Use of E-resources for Class XII and Degree Students (Arts/ Science and Commerce)"    24th of July, 2020.

Webinar on: National Webinar on "Use of E-resources"    24th of June, 2020.

International Conference: On “Bridging Digital Divide with reference to North Eastern Region: Role of Libraries and Information Centers”   5th -- 6th September,2018

National Librarian’s Day: Two day Book Fair Cum Sale programme    9th – 10th August, 2018

Faculty Development Programme On “INFOFEST 2017 on E-Resources”    17th November, 2017

Three Day National Workshop: On “Open Source Software for Library Automation – Koha”    21st – 23rd September, 2017

Two Day Book Fair cum Sale Programme    30th – 31st August,


Faculty Development Programme on “Effective Usage of E-Resources”    31st August, 2016

Library Tour to National Library, Kolkata    9th – 14th January, 2015

Two Day Book Fair cum Sale Programme    2nd – 3rd July, 2014

Library Orientation Programme on “The Role of Library in the Internet Era”    5th August, 2014

Two Day Book Fair Cum Sale Programme    10th – 11th August, 2009

Local Library Tour     12th August, 2009

Two Day Book Fair cum Sale Programme    10th – 11th August, 2007

Faculty Development Programme on “The Importance of Library”    13th August, 2007

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